When free wifi isn’t so free

Wifi is an important part of everyday life and given we all attached to our phones most hours of the day, it is a real boon when you go to eat or drink and there is free wifi.

However, how refreshing it is when you find you can just use the internet without having to sign up giving your email address and other info or have to sign in via Facebook. When I am confronted with that option of signing in, I usually don’t bother, but if I need to use the internet, I also just don’t hang around – which means I spend less.

So, I’m applauding places that offer free wifi that doesn’t require you to offer free marketing in return!

I don’t actually want to announce to the world that I’m dining out at a specific place. No reason other than it is not the business of the world and his dog where I happen to be at any one time unless I choose to announce it. I don’t want to post to Facebook every time I have a hot chocolate!

Congrats and thanks, therefore, are due to Rosie’s Kitchen, one of 5 places in the area I have visited recently, but the one that doesn’t ask me for anything other than to click for wifi connection!


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