What’s your plan? Climate hustings at the Falcon in Bude

With voters now rating the climate and ecological emergency as equally important to crime and the economy, a group in Bude has organised pre-election hustings focusing on the environment.  Parliamentary candidates for our North Cornwall constituency will be given the opportunity to present their own views as well as that of their parties on all things environmental.  The hustings event will take place at The Falcon Hotel, Bude at 7 pm on 4th December.

All four candidates standing for North Cornwall have been invited – Scott Mann (Conservative), Danny Chambers (Liberal Democrat), Joy Bassett (Labour) and Elmar Liepins (Liberal Party).  The format of the meeting will be similar to the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ with questions to be submitted prior to the evening.  Please send your question, along with your name and town/village, to climatehustingsbude@gmail.com (or by following the Facebook event link at ‘Climate Action Bude’) by 10 pm on 2nd December.

An impartial Chair will ensure that each candidate is given time to address a range of questions and that those asking the questions are given a chance to respond.  Time permitting, audience members may also be able to submit questions on the night.

One of the organisers, Jackie Diffey, said: “We’d like to see as many people as possible attending and actively engaging with this, the most important issue facing our generation.  This event is an opportunity to find out exactly what our representatives think and how they are likely to vote if elected to parliament – we really can’t afford to let someone represent us who does not take climate change seriously.

In September, Bude & Stratton Town Council voted to declare a climate emergency and has formed the ‘Climate Change and Environment’ sub-committee, which includes 3 members of the public.  It will focus on measures to reduce our environmental impact locally and is widely seen as a positive step forward.

“We are at a pivotal moment. Last year the IPCC published a report that said if we’re to limit the catastrophic effects of climate change we have just 12 years to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. If we’re to make those changes in time then they need to be well underway by the end of next year. The MPs we elect to parliament on 12th December will be the people in charge over this crucial period. The climate hustings is our chance to find out where our North Cornwall candidates stand on THE most important issue of our time.” Simon Browning, Bude Friends of the Earth.

If you are a postal voter and want to hear what the candidates have to say, you will still have a week for your vote to arrive after the hustings.

To enable organisers to gauge numbers, book your free tickets via climatehustingsbude@gmail.com or follow the Facebook event link for ‘Climate Action Bude’.

The event is being jointly hosted by Friends of the Earth, XR North Cornwall and Climate Action Bude.


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