What type of shops would you like to see in Bude?

An interesting post from Bude Locals on Instagram, which asked people what shops they would like to see in Bude (no chains).

They had 29 responses. One person asked for a general repair shop, where locals can offer their services for a donation and teach others, too. A bit like the men in sheds. The perfect way to involve locals and give an opportunity to help others. Obviously, we now have the repair cafe at Neetside once a month which fits the bill. Ethical and plastic-free were popular options, which is on the way with Refill Bude.

A few mentioned a greengrocery, with proper (mostly) local fruit and veg. No plastic wrapping and paper bags. I must admit I do love a greengrocer’s. Bude Artisan Food Market mentioned that every Saturday throughout the year there is a local organic veg grower from 10 – 2 at the Central Methodist Church Hall, which is great but obviously limited. We are also now missing a fishmonger, though there is a good one at Widemouth.

To ring the changes, someone requested an over 25s late night bar, while someone asked for a baking shop that sells all different colour icing, food dye, ribbons, decorations, cutters, cake trays, etc., to save buying online.

A clothes/shoe shop for kids was mentioned, though I think these have been tried before. As ever, I am less bothered about shops than culture/arts – films, theatre, exhibitions, talks, etc. So for me, it is an art centre. Thanks to Bude Locals for opening up the discussion.

Any thoughts?


  • Julie Newton says:

    Definitely agree that a good fresh fruit & veg shop needed…..all local zero packaging.

  • Emily says:

    The hardware shop sells a lot of baking equipment and fun stuff šŸ™‚

  • john walter says:

    Love the Artisan’s market and the Fishmonger shop at Widemouth, excited by the Refill shop starting up..Yearn for: some Arts related centre, showing independent films, a regular diet of music. Having lived in South Devon for 20 years, Bude occurs as a cultural desert. A long drive to get anywhere to link into the wonderfully rich cultural network of this country.

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