What to do with your Christmas tree in January …

If you are a garden waste subscriber with Cornwall Council,  you can put your real Christmas tree out on your normal garden waste collection day for shredding and composting. Trees up to 6ft tall will be collected minus decorations, tinsel and pots.  If it is larger than 6ft, please cut it into two parts.

If you do not subscribe to garden waste collections you can take your tree to the nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Please remove it from the pot and take off any decorations.

Alternatively, please put your tree out on your normal rubbish collection day between Monday 10 January and Friday 14 January 2022.

Artificial trees can not be left out for collection, but may be taken to charity shops or recycling centres.

Or help the Widemouth coastline …


After the festivities are over, take your Christmas tree over to Black Rock Beach on Sunday 9th January, 10am-1pm (postponed due to high winds).

It’s brightened up your front room now it can do vital work preserving the sand dunes.

As storms will become a more regular occurrence due to climate change, it’s more important than ever to do what we can to protect our beautiful coastline.

Widemouth Task Force adds:

(Drop off point is through the gates in the Blackrock overflow carpark to the right)
from 10am – 1pm only
with, Cormac, Widemouth Task Force and Bude Valley Volunteers
* Drop offs at Blackrock beach only!
*All trees must be free of tinsel and decoration
*No commercial volume of trees.
*Trenches will be dug for you to plant your own trees
*Please respect any Covid rules which may apply
*The trees are used to create fences across the sand dunes, these fences will be placed in areas where the naturally occurring marram grass has been lost due to trampling and erosion.
When the wind blows from the sea the sand on the dune blows away and the dunes become flattened. This is a serious problem as not only does this mean that important sand dune habitat is lost but it also compromises the dunes as a natural sea defence.
The Christmas tree fences will help by mimicking the action of the Marram grass, catching the sand blown on to the dunes from the beach and also dissipating the power of the wind as it blows across the surface of the dunes.
Over time the trees become buried which helps to build up the dune system and help to stabilise the surface, which allows the Marram grass to root again naturally or helped along by being planted by our volunteers at a later date.

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