What is this ship doing off the Cornish coast?

This screenshot comes from marinetraffic.com.

It shows the past track of a ship called Nordic Ace, a big vehicle carrier en route to Barcelona from Bristol. It isn’t taking the most direct route judging by this.

Why is it zig-zagging off the N Cornwall coast?

Is it killing time or are there different reasons? Anyone?



  • Tony says:

    Probably waiting for orders. It probably hasn’t got a cargo to collect so it is waiting offshore, not costing mooring fees to the shipping company etc. It will move on as soon as it gets orders to collect more cars from some distant shore!! Might take out a few French fishermen while out there though!!

  • Roger Palmer says:

    Tony is possibly correct, this vessel left Portbury on 31.08.2018 and is not due in Barcelona until 24.09.2018. Vessels are regularly seen in our waters between Bude and Lundy, awaiting orders.

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