What is Bude’s identity?

A very interesting thought popped into my brain earlier, the culmination of many emails and discussions with various people. It was about Bude’s identity. We talk about bigging up Bude, love Bude and loving where we live. That’s all very positive but what is it about Bude that makes us, and visitors, feel that way?

If you were to describe Bude how would it be? Does it have one single community or is it an amalgamation of various strands?

For example, we talk of the surfing community, the environmental community, the school community, the art community, etc., though many of these overlap. So, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Bude’s identity.

What is Bude? What is the town about? What’s special about it? What makes it unique? Is it about heritage, or what’s going on in the here and now? Or both?

I have my own thoughts but I don’t want to get in the way of you expressing yours.


Interested to see your responses.


  • Oscar says:

    Feel of independence in the town centre, with all the independent shops, which hopefully won’t be lost!

  • John says:

    What is unique about Bude, Well to start, there’s no decent transport, it’s miles from anywhere and all the good big shops you have prolems getting to.
    It did give me a place to live when I came out of the services.

  • Al says:

    I wonder what our tourists thought about the neglected parts of Bude this year! I contacted councillors about the peeling paint on Nanny Moore’s blue bridge plus the tall scruffy weeds and unpainted white lines on edge of steps alongside beach huts at Crooklets beach. Had a reply before 6 weeks holidays started saying it would be done in a few weeks. October now and still not done! I offered to take my spade and clear the weeds in under an hour for free! They declined but said I could volunteer at the Castle for gardening! Now we have graffiti overlooking the beach; this was obviously going to add to the run-down look and not helped by nearby Lidl selling cheap spray cans for undesirables to buy without question. I love the unspoiled look and walks down in Bude and no amusement arcades just local shops, but feel it has just too many charity shops and hairdressers.

  • John says:

    An interesting question – and to some extent, an answer to this question turned up on your website a few days later – when you wrote about the new Head at Budehaven School.

    A key extract said “Budehaven Community School is different; it has an energy that you feel, the second you walk through the front door, and the more time you spend in the school, the more facets to the school you find exist. From the incredibly gifted musicians, to the incredibly talented sports stars, the high-flying scientists and mathematicians to our very own youth MP, it is clear to see that we have a vibrant school community, at the heart of Bude, and so essential for the town’s success in the future.”

    My view is that this vibe doesn’t exist only at the School. Yes, there are many aspects of the town that need improvement (more, better-paid local jobs, and improved public transport as examples) there’s a strong community here. A report from MHCLG today reinforced the need for economic regeneration of coastal areas; that’s what Bude Coastal Community Team is all about, in collaboration with Cornwall and Bude-Stratton Councils.

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