What I’m learning from the bird population …..

Like many people, I have a bird table. This one is situated outside my window, so I have a view of their antics while working.

For some reason, we attract loads of chaffinches, sociable little creatures, who all seem to take it in turns to hop from twigs to table to grab some seed. Robins are a little cockier and territorial, but earlier I spotted a small collared-dove surrounded (in a nice way) by chaffinches, while a blackbird waited nonchalantly on the sidelines …

In a nutshell (no pun intended) the bird population largely seems to co-exist quite nicely and share the available food, despite research suggesting there is a hierarchy with the weaker species losing out.

Some bigger birds scare the others off, like magpies, but they are rare at the bird table, and the local rooks stay away, too, so even the little blue tits get a look in (how they all love sunflower seeds).

Looking at this hierarchy of who gets the best of the food, I’d glad that I get lots of chaffinches, blue tits and robins.

Maybe we need to think of people similarly. In the UK, there is more than enough food to go round and we need to ensure the more vulnerable species (elderly, children, economically challenged) get some.



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