Wettest February on record

Just in case you were on another planet and failed to notice, February 2020 has been the wettest February on record for UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to the Met Office blog.

It has also been the fifth wettest of any calendar month in a series from 1862 behind only October 1903 (227mm), December 2015 (217mm), November 2009 (215mm), and December 1929 (213mm).

Three named storms crossed the UK during February, Ciara, Dennis and Jorge, with very unfortunate consequences for Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire, so the south-west got off lightly.

February has been a notably mild, but not record-breaking, month for temperature.

Wetter winters are likely with climate change, but we do have quite a variation in weather anyway in UK.

Meanwhile, for March, the Met Office says:

The weather looks likely to remain rather wet and windy into the middle of March, especially in the north, more settled conditions may start to develop from the south towards the end of the period. It will be predominantly rather cold with overnight frosts likely during any calmer interludes and only occasional milder days, these being more likely later in the period.

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