Well done, Rosie’s cafe

Yesterday, I was due to meet someone in Bude. We had decided to sit outside, appropriately socially distanced. However, the weather was inclement.

We opted to meet at Rosie’s Kitchen. This was the first time I had met someone indoors in a public place. I felt slightly nervous. What if it was really busy? What would the social distancing be like? I had a couple of masks in my bag, should they be needed, though drinking hot chocolate through a mask would have been quite difficult, and as we all know, while masks help prevent us spreading disease to others, they don’t stop us catching a virus from others.

In the event, I felt Tom and his staff had made a real effort to make things as safe as they could be. People have to be credited with some common sense, too. Tables and the settees by the woodburner have been removed, contact details are taken and there is a one way system in place, with socially distanced queueing. We sat quite close to the door with a blast of fresh air whenever it was opened.

Luckily, Rosie’s is quite spacious, so while there was a lively hum about the place, people were distant enough in their little groups not to worry me. As I can’t hide away forever, it was a useful baptism.

On the plus side, it is all part of making Bude and attractive place for people to visit again.

As I’m part of a research project, I took a Coronavirus test on Monday and had my result back – negative – yesterday morning. As I had not been anywhere or seen anyone in between, it is therefore highly unlikely I would have spread anything, and I felt as safe as I could be anywhere while there. This was the start of the new normal for me. It’s life, but not as we know it. Actually though, it was OK!

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