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A big welcome to our latest sponsoring advertiser, ‘Will Writers Services, which is a Cornish mother and son business, not a franchise, and can sort out not only wills but Power of Attorney paperwork. Many people still go down the DIY will-making route, but people should always be advised to use an accredited will writer or solicitor for something so important.

Barbara says of their business:

Basically the company is small, just myself and my son, Nathan.

We cover all of Cornwall and West Devon. We realised that many people are intimidated by the thought of going to a firm of solicitors, especially now when there are less small local companies. We also realised that many people were either unable or unwilling to travel to make their wills especially when many of our clients live in very rural areas.

So, we decided to train as qualified Will Writers, so went to what is considered to be the best place, the Society of Will Writers which is recognised all over the world. When we finished the training and very rigorous exams we were invited to join the Society of Will Writers. To be accepted, we had to pass the exams at a very high level, to be fully insured, and to regularly attend lectures for our professional development.

That way we are always up to date with the latest legislation. We have the best experts on hand if ever we come across a problem that we need help with ( not happened yet).

We have to be fully compliant with all the rules and regulations of the Society of Will Writers and are listed on their website as registered and regulated.

We are able to offer help and advice, whether people have £1000 or £1,000,000 in their Estate; every will needs to be given the same time and expertise.

People can often be advised to do something with their assets before they pass to ensure that they only pay the inheritance tax that is due, if any.

We offer full estate planning. Many people who make a will make one to ensure not only that the people who they want to inherit do, but that the people they do NOT want to inherit do not.

The law states who gets your inheritance if you do not make a will, and many people make the mistake of thinking that it will always go to their spouse/partner; this is not always so.

We offer home visits at a time that is convenient to the client, we speak in plain language that is easy to understand and spend as much time as needed, as we do not work on an hourly basis.

The price for a Will is the price people pay; we do not charge extra for any extra time we spend with clients.

We are also able to arrange Lasting Power of Attorney. Again, we will conduct home visits to explain exactly what a Lasting Power of Attorney is, what it means and what obligations come with such. Many people think that signing a LPA gives over their assets this is not the case. We are also happy to explain in an informal phone call if necessary. 


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