Welcome to our latest sponsor, Elite West Holidays

A warm welcome to our latest sponsor to help keep Bude & Beyond active and also free to the end user, you the readers. Without our advertisers, we would really struggle. Rob, Dean and I, along with our occasional writers/contributors, donate a good deal of our time, and often money, to creating Bude & Beyond, but advertising sponsors make this cost feasible, so they are truly invaluable in supporting our community.

People support Bude in various ways from beach cleans to school governance to charity fundraisers. This is a less obvious, but no less essential way to help the town by assisting the dissemination of information. There are ways to send in your news/events (see top right) and to advertise with us

At Elite West Holidays, based in Bude, people find relaxing self-catering holidays in luxury holiday cottages that will exceed their expectations. More about this and how Elite West can help your holiday home business coming soon.

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