Week St Mary Wind Farm thrown out by High Court

Member of Parliament for North Cornwall, Scott Mann, has described his “delight” at the news that the High Court in London has dismissed proposals to build a wind farm near Week St Mary.

The application by Good Energy Generation Ltd to build 11 turbines, known as the Big Field Wind Farm, was rejected by both Cornwall Council and the Communities Secretary, with a vast majority of local councils and residents also opposing the proposals.

During a public inquiry conducted by the Planning Inspectorate in 2017, Scott Mann lodged his objections to the wind farm, saying that it would have a negative impact on the environment and that the developer should respect the decision by Cornwall planners as well as the will of local people.

Based on the findings of the inquiry, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government decided to uphold Cornwall Council’s decision and reject the wind farm. Good Energy then lodged an appeal with the High Court, which was dismissed by judges on 25th May, 2018.

Welcoming the decision, Scott Mann MP said:

“I’m delighted that the High Court has dismissed this appeal by Good Energy and that the will of local people has prevailed.


“The proposed wind farm was heavily scrutinised by local planners and the Planning Inspectorate, and I was astounded that even after a drawn-out inquiry which ended with the Secretary of State rejecting the proposals, Good Energy decided to appeal it in the courts.


“I know this decision will bring a huge sigh of relief for the people of Week St Mary and all those in North Cornwall who care about protecting our countryside and beautiful landscape.”

The Judgement may be seen here.


  • Eric Harris says:

    Still some common sense left then. Brilliant news, well done to all involved.

  • Lewis kershaw says:

    Yeah common sense. What a win. So where does the next reactor go? North Cornwall is a nice quiet stretch of coast. Perfect for a big concrete box full of French owned nuclear fuel.

    Or maybe its the Russian gas you’d like to rely on?

    Either way its fine because fossil fuel use or nuclear have never ever caused any harm to beautiful countryside…

    Once again, short term nimbism by a generation determined to ravage a planet to maintain property prices, makes another small, but concrete step backwards

    But its ok, because you still have a nice view of your pesticide ravaged, sterile and increasingly weather battered fields. .

    I’m surprised Scott Mann had time to comment between voting down free school meals and selling of chunks of the care sector.

    As you say, common sense definitely won the day here.

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