Wednesday choice at The Temple, Bude

Review of The Temple, by Joanne Sands:

For those who don’t know TEMPLE at 10 Granville Terrace in Bude, they are trying out some different menus on chosen Wednesdays throughout the Autumn/Winter season.

Last Wednesday saw the first one which was a Ramen night! I had never tried this before but was looking forward to it given that the standard of food at The Temple is always very good and slightly different to some other local restaurants.

I was not disappointed.

There were two options for the Ramen bowl; I went with the veggie option. When it was served it was a big steamy bowl full of freshly homemade noodles and packed with different types of mushrooms and vegetables along with hot chillies and fresh herbs all served in a delicious broth. The side dishes that accompanied it were also delicious.

We arrived first but the restaurant soon filled up and everyone seemed very happy as well as a steady flow of people picking up the takeaway option that was served in big containers.

Just the job for a wet and windy, Wednesday in Bude. We look forward to the next one!

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