Weather warnings – parts of SW upgraded to red

Snow on country lane in North DevonThe Met Office tells us: “By Thursday morning, parts of England and Wales are forecast to see a more widespread area of snow associated with Storm Emma. This snow will likely become heavy through the afternoon across parts of southwest England and Wales, allowing 10-20cm of snow to accumulate quite widely here.

“Parts of south-west England and Wales could also see freezing rain for a time on Thursday night – a relatively rare weather phenomenon in the UK. This can result in a high level of impact as ice forms very rapidly on surfaces, leading to severe risks affecting transport and power networks”.

Freezing rain starts as snow, ice, or hail, which melts as it falls through a layer of relatively warmer air before refreezing in a layer of colder air. The rain droplets become ‘supercooled’ and are close to or below freezing on impact on surfaces such as roads, pavements and power cables.

A red weather alert means danger to life, so take it seriously. Bude remains on amber but if you are trying to travel, other places might be worse. Problems will arise as Storm Emma meets the Beast from the East. Keep us informed of how snow is affecting you.

Many schools are closed today including Budehaven whose heating system has failed.

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