Ways to help save the planet on Earth Day

This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘restore the earth’,  which resonates as the day is largely being marked from people’s homes due to the global pandemic.

The focus is not only on reducing our impact on the planet but also to consider how we can actively repair damaged ecosystems.

What you can do – here are just a few suggestions for individuals to do their bit:

  • Visit Earth Day live here
  • Think about how much meat – and fish – you eat (industries which are big pollutants)
  • See if you can improve your recycling/upcycling/re-using habits – all suggestions welcome
  • Try not to waste food – buy less of it – and try to refill where possible. Bude has a Refill Shop, of course
  • Learn more about it – there are lots of free courses on Future Learn, like this one 
  • Plant more trees
  • Do a beach clean
  • Look at websites for more ideas, such as City to Sea
  • Share your own ideas with us, the simpler the better …

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