Bude’s Sue Says: Watch out for Hedgehogs


It looks like autumn is well and truly upon us.  So, here is a timely reminder from Sue Gear of Bude-based charity, Born to be Be Wild, to watch out for hedgehogs:

It’s that time of year when I would like to bring to your attention the plight of hedgehogs and bonfires. Can I please remind everyone to check their bonfires?

The best way to ensure no hedgehogs get injured is to either build the bonfire on the day or to carefully turn it over before lighting it to check for prickly visitors.

October and November are the months hedgehogs normally get ready to hibernate. This year’s babies are going to be looking for new nesting sites and log piles, garden waste or piles of leaves are their favourite places to build a nest. This is also perfect material for fires so please check before adding it. Pampas grass and compost heaps are other favourite places.

September babies face an additional problem. They will probably be too small to hibernate as they need to be at least 600grams to survive the winter.

If you see a young hedgehog out in the daylight they are in trouble and will probably need over wintering ready for releasing next spring. Adult hedgehogs out in daylight are also in trouble, probably sick or injured, so they too will need rescuing.

Please don’t forget your pets as well, they can get very frightened with fireworks; try and keep all cats and dogs indoors were they can feel safe. And if you have a pet hedgehog check out this hedgehog cages ideas to make sure they are safe.

If you do find any and need advice, please don’t hesitate to call.

Hand-rearing a baby hedgehog; photo courtesy of Sue Gear

Hand-rearing a baby hedgehog; photo courtesy of Sue Gear


Sue Gear (Born to be Wild)

 01288 331604


Locke and Preston Vets 01288 354 796


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