Want something for your CV? Writers required

It’s that time of year again.

The time when I look at my watch, notice it is gone 11 am, and that I have spent hours poring over emails, social media communications, press releases and the like simply to populate Bude & Beyond.

When actually, I fancy walking, swimming or reading, or even earning a living, instead.  I don’t begrudge the time, else I wouldn’t do it but it gets a bit samey being ‘just me’.

So, we continue but another request for anyone who wants to write articles to come forward; you’re very welcome. This isn’t just ‘my thing’. It’s supposed to be yours.

I’m even happy to meet up and have a chat about it. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, with a website designed by experts Dean and Rob to make it super-user-friendly.

Articles that are:

  • Local
  • Devon-based
  • Magazine (general interest)
  • Local history

are all welcome. You can submit using the submit your news button (top right) or email budeandbeyond@gmail.com – don’t worry, nothing will go straight to publication and I’m happy to edit typos, etc.

What’s in it for you?

Same as what’s in it for me – nothing but a bit of satisfaction that you are helping to disseminate local news and information, that you may be helping people and giving them a voice, that you can actually string words together and make great sense.

But, there is something more tangible, too, less fuzzy and fluffy and feel good, so ..

If you are a person seeking writing experience, it’s great discipline, and your work could be seen by thousands of people  – oh, yes, you can also use it on your CV if you do it regularly enough. Great for young people wanting to start a career in media, or for people wanting to go freelance and show off their writing   …  so, stop talking and start doing … 


It’s child’s play!


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