Visitor post to Facebook and it’s about Aggers on cricket!

Jennifer asks:

Did Jonathan Agnew visit Bude Cricket Ground this week? He’s been in Bideford where he related story about Brian Johnston’s father sadly drowning at Widemouth Bay; also that Widemouth Bay was in North Devon. Anybody been to see him and was he good?

Thanks, Jennifer, for that lead.

Well, looking on Aggers’ Twitter feed, I can confirm that he was in the area.

He wrote:

Widemouth Bay, North Devon. It was here in 1924 that 10 year old Brian Johnston stood helpless on the beach and watched his father swept out to sea and drowned. One can’t begin to imagine the horror of that day and the impact on his life.

He later apologised for his N Devon gaffe. Re Bude cricket ground, he said:

Wow! What a stunning cricket ground @bude_cc. Think I’d need the Sea End today. Wouldn’t get to the wicket from the other…

I checked out about Brian Johnston’s (Johnners) father. This is from Wikipedia but seems borne out elsewhere:

On 27 August 1922, his father, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Evelyn Johnston, DSO, MC, who managed the family coffee business, drowned at Widemouth Sands near Bude, Cornwall at the age of 44.

These are photos Aggers posted. 



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