Visiting The Refill Shop


It’s been a while coming but I had my first visit to Bude’s cool Refill Shop the other day. Of course, I’d seen the photos and heard about it but the reality surprised me. What a great little shop, packed with goodies like bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo, couscous, and dried cranberries.  There are even salted peanuts which I am partial to, so it was wonderful to be able to buy a small amount so I didn’t then gorge the whole packet like I normally would once open.  Prices are keen, too.

So, not only is it good for the planet, it is good to combat human greed. If we only buy what we need, we eat/use less!


The volunteer staff were wonderful, explaining how the system works. And most amazing of all, we’d walked along the canal so turned up at 3.55pm when it closes at 4 pm. In the event, we didn’t leave until 4.15pm with not a murmur or any sign of people wanting to be rid of us (we did ask at the beginning if we were too late and they were just closing but were welcomed anyway).

The ready supply of Morsbags was also welcome as my friend hadn’t known she was going there! We will be back.

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