Valued Lives support at Crooklets

Noticed the Valued Lives van in Crooklets car park today, so just thought it was worth a mention on here for anyone struggling with their mental health. Do you need help today? Call the Booking Line 0800 260 6759

Their website mentions 3 services:

The Crisis Service

The crisis service is designed to support people who are experiencing mental/emotional distress. We use social interventions to support people to break down the things that are causing them stress, and begin to move forward in manageable steps. 

Community Support

Community support packages are offered to adults & young people with a care or support need, who either have an enduring mental illness, or are in recovery from a serious episode of mental ill-health.

​Community packages are designed to aid people through their recovery, and include our rehabilitation & enablement programmes.

The Wellbeing Club

The Wellbeing Club is network of people with a key goal in sight – improving their overall wellbeing!
​The club offers a range of wellbeing focused workshops, therapeutic activities, self care sessions, events and outings that are all designed around the 5 ways to wellbeing. 

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