Updating Wikipedia for Bude

We all use Wikipedia at some point. It is not a reliable source because it is a Wiki (anyone can add to it) and therefore not always appropriately referenced; it is never used as an academic resource.

However, for Joe/Josephine Public, it is a really handy, easily-accessible source of information. Bude’s page is here.

Some feel it could be much, much better. For example, it doesn’t mention Goldsworthy Gurney (not even a link to his page), Blanchminster Trust, or that Bude is the home of the oldest surf life-saving club in the UK. It only has a small picture of the Castle (+and one mention)  though it does have a piece about the Sainsbury’s ‘tunnel’.  There is also a Stratton page.  That, too, is limited.  Not even a mention of a battle …

So, last Thursday, the Town Council formally adopted what is now called the Bude-Stratton Strategic Programme (BSSP) – a collection of priority projects emanating from a steering group formed of four parties including Bude’s Coastal Communities Team (BCCT).  One project covers Cultural & Heritage matters.  The topics include wAVE project, Bude Canal, Castle/Goldsworthy Gurney, Sea Pool, Civil War site, Compass Point, Binhamy Castle site.

The idea has been mooted that most of the work could be done voluntarily. As you know, if anything unpaid needs doing, Bude & Beyond is right in there, so Dawn has offered to join a working party to decide what’s needed on the page, then to work with a team of writers to work on the sections, thereby improving them.

If you are interested in joining in, enjoy researching and writing (of course you do) please contact John Gimson of BCCT (contact@budecoastalteam.org.uk) or email Dawn (budeandbeyond@gmail.com).


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