Update on the tree clearing on the A39 (Bush)

Bude & Beyond has now had a response from Cormac about the ash dieback clearance at Bush, though we do not have a timescale yet for the work..

They say:

Any replacement planting would be down to the discretion of the respective landowner. Unfortunately this is not an area that Cormac, as the local highway authority, have any influence over.

The natural tree line that may have previously provided a driver with an edge of carriageway guide, has been removed. The local Highway team do acknowledge that the lack of visual barrier, particularly in dark conditions, may cause some users concerns.

If you have anything to say on this subject, please use the form or add your comment.

It is our intention to install a number of hazard marker posts at the edge of the carriageway, accompanied by reflective chevron signs to aid drivers on the route.

It is anticipated that users of the carriageway observing any signage and exercising caution driving at speeds, as per the set limit, will be able to remain safe on this section of highway.

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