Update on the Sea Pool sluice gates

From Friends of Bude Sea Pool:


The heavy wooden sleepers on the sluice gates at Bude Sea Pool have collapsed. They were held in place by a metal frame which has distorted over time releasing the wooden sleepers.

Bude Sea Pool is now empty at low tide. At mid to high-tide it fills as usual. As the tide lower, all water is forced out the narrow gate aperture causing strong water flow. The pool must not be used in any circumstances.

The gates will be repaired as Government guidelines allow in the meantime we urge you to stay away.

Like most charities, Bude Sea Pool runs as prudently and efficiently as possible, which means reserving enough cash to survive a crisis or a prolonged downturn. Our finances will be stretched with fundraising events cancelled and the impact of revenue loss so far this season – not just for us but for our sponsors and everybody involved in the tourist industry.

Whilst we have some contingency funds available, this is a sizeable task that needs immediate action. Your ongoing support as Friends is greatly appreciated. If you are in the position to be able to further help financially in these difficult times please consider making a donation through the Sea Pool website:



Or, you can sponsor these three guys doing an Everest challenge to help the Sea Pool.


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