Update on the Beach Huts

Beach Huts

Bude TIC have asked me to make a few things clearer, which I’m happy to do.

First of all, a reminder Bude TIC do not actually set the prices of beach hut hire, or make pricing decisions.  Prices are set by Cornwall Council.  The TIC does not benefit from any price increases either, as their admin fee is static.
Huts are available to rent all year (min 7 days in the winter) and all annual huts are currently occupied.  Even in peak season, it can look as though many of the daily rental huts are empty or unused.  This does not mean they are actually empty, but that the hirer is simply not using it.  Of course, daily rental occupancy is extremely low in the winter, but winter / seasonal leases are becoming increasingly popular.
Mark from Bude TIC adds:
The winter lease allows people to have a hut for the period October to end of March, and most people who do this are on the waiting list for an annual lease.  We actually encourage this.  It gives new users a few months to ‘test the water’ and see how much they actually use the hut, once the initial excitement passes.  It also gives people use of a hut whilst they wait for an annual hut to become available (which is extremely rare).
I urge all annual hut users who are unhappy with the prices to send me a letter or an email outlining their concerns ASAP.  I will then present the information to Cornwall Council.
Well, they can’t do more than that, so the gist is if you have a complaint about prices and are an annual hut user, then please email the TIC so they have something to put to Cornwall Council.


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