Update on Stratton MIU for the forthcoming meeting

Some info from Cornwall NHS Trust about Stratton MIU prior to the forthcoming meeting on 14th February.

Stratton Minor Injury Unit (MIU) temporarily reduced its opening hours on 7th December 2018 to 8 am – 10 pm daily. The Unit was previously open 24/7. The position will be reviewed in February 2019.

The Minor Injury Unit is based within Stratton Hospital and has been a nurse-led Unit since 1996. The Minor Injury Unit is staffed by Registered Nurses/Paramedics who have undertaken additional training to enable them to see and treat patients with a range of Minor Injuries and Minor Illness, within protocols. They can also signpost patients to other services if the presenting condition is outside their scope of practice/competence. This training used to take 18 months for Registered Practitioners to complete, however, CFT has been working closely with the University of Plymouth and from April 2019 a combined module will be offered which will take 6 months to complete.

Recruitment of MIU Practitioners has been unsuccessful, despite actively attempting to recruit nurses and working with recruitment agencies to try and help fill its vacancies. (There is a high demand for qualified nurses, both locally and nationally, which is impacting on our ability to provide a robust, consistent service).

Since the MIU nighttime closure, the inpatient ward has been staffed with an additional Health Care Assistant to provide support to any people who attended the site at night.

The reason for the temporary nighttime closures is twofold: attendances at night have been low (around 1.4 per night) and recruitment of MIU Practitioners has been unsuccessful.

Patient issues:

  1. During the past two years, the MIU Team has raised concerns about the acuity of the people presenting to the Unit and patient safety at night. Although the numbers are low, some of the patients are not suitable for treatment in a MIU due to the severity of their condition, e.g., a stroke.
  2. Intoxicated people with head injuries attend the MIU or are brought in by the Police. This is outside of the scope of MIU practice and leaves the staff in a very difficult situation, with very limited assistance.
  3. Staff have told us that they feel vulnerable and isolated from other experienced professionals, especially at night.
  4. Recruitment of MIU Practitioners has been unsuccessful. The Trust has and continues to actively attempt to recruit practitioners through local and national advertisements.
  5. Following a number of resignations and reviewing staff rotas, the Trust took the decision to temporarily close the MIU overnight (10 pm – 8 am). This would have minimal impact on local people due to the low use during these hours and would ensure that registered and unregistered practitioners were not working long hours or shift patterns which would impact both upon their clinical decision making and their health and wellbeing.

Services available to support Stratton and Bude residents

Anyone who needs health advice should contact their GP in the first instance.

Ruby Country Medical Group, Hospital Road, Stratton Bude EX23 9BP. Open from 8:30am – 6:30pm Mondays and Fridays and 8:30am – 7:30pm Tuesdays – Thursdays.
Contact No. 01288 352133 or www.rubycountrymedicalgroup.co.uk

Neetside Surgery, Methodist Church Halls, Level Road, Bude. EX23 8LA.Open from 8:30am – 1pm Monday – Fridays, 2pm – 6pm Tuesdays – Fridays & 2-7:15pm
Contact No. 01288 270580 or http://www.neetsidesurgery.co.uk

The Minor Injuries Unit at Stratton Hospital is open Mondays to Sundays 8am – 10pm for minor injuries.

NHS 111 or NHS 111 online are available to provide urgent and non-urgent healthcare advice 24hrs a day, including when GP surgeries are closed. The Out of
Hours GP Service, Cornwall 111 can be accessed by dialling 111.

The Pharmacies in Bude and Stratton provide a minor ailment service and provide medication for conditions including skin and nappy rash, sticky eyes, water infections and oral thrush.

Conditions which require emergency support – stroke, heart and chest pain, severe bleeding, or someone who is having difficulty breathing or who is unconscious, should call 999.

The nearest Hospital with A & E facilities is Northern Devon Healthcare Trust.

Bude Street Pastors operate on a Saturday night alongside a voluntary group who monitor the CCTV cameras and liaise with Police and Taxi Drivers.


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  • Raymond Shemilt says:

    When I ran for Council Last year I was told by some that we were scare-mongering, this “Temporary” closure has shown that we were right. Please attend the meeting if you can and let them know that Bude & Stratton will not stand by and allow this to happen.

    “Similar Minor Injury Units at Saltash, and Fowey, were closed as a “temporary measure” more than two years ago, and they are still closed today. The Bodmin Treatment Centre was closed in April 2017 as a temporary measure, and remains closed today and the Edward Hain community hospital was closed more than three years ago, as a temporary measure, with the loss of 12 local beds, and those beds remain closed today.
    A permanent change of provision has to be referred to the Secretary of State. A temporary one doesn’t – even if it lasts for years.” .. Quote from the Secretary of the North Cornwall Labour Party..

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