Update on Stratton Minor Injuries Unit

Many people have expressed concern over the night closures of Stratton’s Minor Injuries Unit, amid fears that the Unit may be considered for more permanent closure.

Cornwall Councillor, David Parsons, has been pursuing the issue vigorously and reports that:

The Minor Injuries Unit is staying closed overnight until they can recruit staff. They are trying and will continue to try, but realistically taking on a nurse and training them means there is no prospect of a resumption of normal service in the near future.
The contract from the commissioning group to provide the services remains in place, but there is a national shortage of nurses with the required skills and many other units are having the same problems.
The commissioning group and the provider trust are exploring how they can give an equivalent service if recruiting proves impossible. We will be involved in that process. 
Dr Tamsyn Anderson has agreed to visit Bude to explain the situation and the meeting will be open to the public in the whole community area. Stratton MIU serves a wide area including parts of Devon and it is important that plans moving forward are shared with the whole community. Cllr Nicky Chopak is going to arrange that meeting and I will be making contact with Councillors in Devon to see if there is any way of the two commissioning groups working together to get things moving. 
Bude and Beyond will advise people of the meeting details as soon as they are available.


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