Update on PPE in care homes

Care homes vary around the country and I have heard nothing but good about Bude and area care homes, and senior care organisations.

However, in some parts of the country, staff are still without vital PPE.

Unknowingly, they are passing Covid-19 to society’s most vulnerable people, and are also having to work in a close environment offering personal care with no protection for themselves and therefore their families. Some care assistants are also, around the country, being treated abominably by their employers.

Now the government has bowed to pressure and says it is expanding testing to include all care home residents who develop symptoms (currently, it is restricted to the first 5).

Carer with elderly person in care home

The safety of residents and staff is a priority and as such, testing will now also be provided to all potential care home residents before they are discharged from hospital.

This will provide reassurance and peace of mind to residents and family members, and will help care providers to take appropriate action to ensure that social care workers and other residents are safe – including implementing isolation procedures for those who test positive.

The measures confirmed today are expected to be outlined further in the government’s COVID-19 social care action plan tomorrow, and will help give residents, their families and those that they care for peace of mind.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock said:

I am deeply conscious that people in residential care are among the most vulnerable to coronavirus. We are doing everything we can to keep workers, residents and their families safe, and I am determined to ensure that everyone who needs a coronavirus test should be able to have access to one.

We have already begun testing social care workers and will roll this out nationwide over the coming days. And as we continue to ramp up our testing programme, we will test all current care home residents with coronavirus symptoms and all new care home residents who are discharged from hospital into care.

Testing is key in our battle against coronavirus, and as part of our plan to prevent the spread and save lives we will ensure that everyone in social care who needs a test can have a test.

As the rollout continues, the Health Secretary has confirmed that every social care worker who needs a test can now get one.



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