Update on ‘dog poisoning’ questions

At the start of the month, we reported on concerns about dogs in Shop, Morwenstow, dying from ingesting poison. Here is the short article.

The sad news is that so far, the Police and Cornwall Council have been unwilling to look further into the issue. Natalie Rowe wrote on the Morwenstow Facebook Group page:

So, as it stands, please keep a close eye on your dog whilst out walking, if you see any suspicious behaviour then phone 101, and if you suspect your dog may have symptoms of poisoning then please take them to the vets immediately; all vets in Bude are aware of the poisoning. I’m really sorry I don’t have a more positive update for you.
And my thoughts are with both families who have lost their beloved pets.

Some salmon was found and handed in around the time this happened; it had been scattered in the churchyard. This has not been tested, as no one has been available to do so. It would have been good to rule this out but by now it is getting, as Natalie said, ‘funky’. No more deaths have been reported, thankfully, so hopefully, that will be an end to it.


This is not any of the dogs mentioned – Tracian / Pixabay


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