Try virtual reality at the Castle – event postponed

Exciting times at Bude’s Castle, set to become more interactive through wAVE (augmented and virtual experience) which has the potential to transform the visitor experience using innovative technology including VR headsets, HD projection, CGI and more. I went along in November to the first testing day and surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying it. Now there’s soon to be another chance to test out the game which has been further refined.

The Heritage Centre in the Castle has been working to develop this exciting new virtual reality game as part of the project. The game is based around navigating a vessel (the Ceres) into the tricky port of Bude(that canal is very narrow when trying to steer a ship into it).

There was to be a chance to test the prototype at a second user testing day being held at The Castle on  21st January, 11 – 3.30 pm but it has now been postponed.


John Gimson of Bude Coastal Community Team gives it a go!The wAVE (AVE = Augmented and Virtual Experiences) Immersive Experiences in Museums Project is funded by the Coastal Communities Fund. The project brings together Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s coastal communities, heritage centres and academic experts to develop new and engaging virtual, augmented and immersive reality experiences within communities including Bude, which has its very own Coastal Communities Team.






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