Trev’s Taxi ‘litter’ post resonates with 3 million

It’s something we coastal dwellers (and many others) all agree with. When visiting a beach or other beauty spot, leave nothing but your footprint.

It took just over 24 hours for Trev’s Taxi post saying exactly that – below –  to hit over 2 million reach, now over 3 million.

Or as 2-Minute Foundation’s Martin Dorey puts it rather more overtly:


Why do people need reminding? Reading this article in The Conversation, it seems litter and littering are twentieth-century concepts, specifically from after the Great War, though it seems in Medieval times, parishes paid for the removal of dead dogs from the street. Litter, it says, is partly a consequence of the rise in consumerism, but that isn’t the whole story. The article mentions:


For littering was, at the outset, a class phenomenon. It was presumed that the “Litter Habit” was learnt by working people experiencing the new freedoms of public holidays and the pleasures of consumption, and who were unused to the ways of the countryside or careless to the civic well-being of towns. 

“There is apparently a feeling”, a Times correspondent wrote in 1925, “that a place dedicated to the people (parks) has not really passed into the possession and usufruct [right to enjoy other people’s property] of the people unless they are allowed to do exactly as they please in it… to leave behind them any rubbish which they are too lazy to conceal or take home with them.” 

So, littering as class-based rule-breaking and an expression of freedom?

Maybe, but I just see it as thoughtless, selfish and showing no respect or consideration for nature (in coastal/rural areas) or other people. There will probably always be some who litter and others who clean up their mess. Alas. What are your thoughts?


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