Trev the Traveller Hits the Most Boring Town in NZ

DSCN2355 DSCN2354 DSCN2352 DSCN2344 DSCN2359Kia Ora, all,

Here he goes again!

I’m now in a town called Invarcargill, which is way down south, but not as far south as the island was where I stayed on Monday night; that was called Stewart Island and to get there meant an hour crossing on a ferry. Oh my God, was it rough; three-quarters of the passengers were calling out for ‘hughie’. I’m lucky I don’t suffer with the same but the smell wasn’t very nice!

The wind was blowing at 40 knots & the waves were well over the boat. I loved it – the crossing is in the top 3 in the world for roughness. Anyway, we arrived in a small place called Oban on the island at 2.30pm to the worst weather I’ve had since I started,  so we checked into the hostel which, incidentally. had no heating; good job I have a warm sleeping bag. I then went
walkabout but you can’t do much in weather like that with no change of clothes!

I had a tour or the aquarium & walked along the beach then found ‘THE PUB’ where I sat in the warm till 7pm reading & finishing my book, then  had tea –  they called last orders at 9.30pm. So, back to hostel to snuggle up amd sleep.

Up at 6am next morning to catch the ferry back, which was a calmer trip than day before, sadly for me – still waves over the boat but not as many! Off the boat, then taken to most southerly point in NZ, which has sign saying London 18958km (11780miles) in that direction WOW!!! Bus then bought me to Invarcargill which everyone says (including The Lonely Planet) is the most
boring place in New Zealand. I’ll make my own mind up on that one as I’m yet to explore. I’m staying in a lovely place which has a bath; the last time I had a bath was October 21st, 2006,  so I guess that separates travellers from tourists, modern conveniences. So Tues was spent mostly in the bath and watching the first Lord of the Rings film. I’ve got the other 2 to watch
before I leave here. It’s great to see places I’ve been to as all 3 films were filmed here in New Zealand.

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