Town Council has a bright, shiny new website

Bude and Stratton Town Council has a bright, shiny new website which is easier to navigate and more interesting.

The landing page says:

It’s not just the place we call home…  Bude-Stratton holds a special place in the hearts of its residents and the many visitors who return year after year.

Ask most what makes it so special and often you’ll hear…

‘There’s just something about it… the beautiful beaches, vibrant independent shops and a strong community spirit, nowhere compares’

Unique in location as well as history, Bude-Stratton sits right in the North-East corner of Cornwall, although close to Devon, we are certainly jam first on our scones! Bude-Stratton has evolved into a vibrant destination with a growing community.

As we face an increase in environmental and economic changes across the world, embracing and protecting our rich heritage and stunning environment has never been more important.

The Town Council, has made a commitment to support the local community to achieve a sustainable and carbon-neutral future that embraces the wellbeing of the residents, the environment and economic viability of Bude and Stratton.

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