Town Council election

There’s going to be another election in Bude as one of the Town Councillors has dropped out.
Councillor Katie Goode says:
I would urge anyone who has a passion for the community, no matter their background or experience, to put themselves forward. 
It can be scary, like you don’t know where to start or you don’t think someone like yourself should go for a position. But the idea is that the Town Council is a snapshot of our whole community – and we have a range of councillors from different backgrounds and abilities.

Bude Stratton Community Alliance can be there to support and help mentor those who are interested – that includes understanding paperwork, getting signatures done, or just answering some of your questions.

Your “Nomination Letter” needs to be handed in by person to Cornwall Council by 4pm Fri 22 Oct.


Not registered to vote? Do it now!  Please sign up for postal voting if you can’t pop out on the day. It’s very quick, stress free, and you can take more time reviewing your card if you need to. For my case, a postal vote is very easy to fit around a full time job and toddler – but even if you forget to post it you can still go down and vote on the day.
The vote will be on 18 Nov 2021.

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