Town Council Election – Meet Lorraine Corrigan-Turner

Please note, this facility is open to all candidates, so hopefully, they will join in with this free opportunity to tell the local electorate a little about themselves.

I am Lorraine Corrigan-Turner and I am standing as a candidate for the position of Bude and Stratton Town Councillor for the Bude ward on Thursday 12th December 2019.

I am married to Cornishman Chris, and we have a nine-year-old son, I have lived in Bude for 21 years and work in Flexbury. My commitment and passion for helping my fellow Bude residents springs from starting a campaign in 2018 to improve emergency medical care at Stratton Hospital. The Bude area now has a 24-hour service at the pioneering Community Treatment Centre. I am now campaigning to improve local ambulance services and better health services for Bude and the surrounding areas

I know from personal experience how much Bude needs reliable health services. Members of my family, including my son, mother and father, needed emergency care and found it wanting.

When the 24-hour emergency cover was cancelled at Stratton Minor Injuries Unit, I launched a campaign to get it back. Thousands of locals’ signatures and experiences persuaded the NHS to reopen the MIU as a pioneering 24-hour Community Treatment Centre. In its first two months, it spared 90 local people the trip to Barnstaple or Plymouth, saving the NHS £9,000. The NHS is now rolling out a similar service elsewhere in Cornwall.

I am now campaigning to ensure this highly successful and vital service continues when Stratton’s pilot CTC trial ends in August 2020.

In Bude, we’re many miles from a proper hospital, so we need a better ambulance service — not a worse one, I’ll continue to fight to make Bude’s needs heard.

Speeding traffic is a problem that needs to be sorted in Bude, as someone who lives close to busy Kings Hill, I am very aware of the dangers of traffic speeding through Bude. We need to ensure Bude’s roads are safe for everyone who uses them, so I’ll work to find ways of making sure motorists stick to speed limits and cyclists are provided with safe routes through the town that don’t stop pedestrians and visitors from enjoying our fantastic town.

I would also like to see Bude police station always open – for all of us.

I support better child care for working parents. As Chairperson of Bude After School and Holiday Club, I know the time and cost pressures faced by local parents. In 2018 and 2019 I helped secure funding to take children on trips that let them experience amazing adventures and activities while their parents worked in holiday times.

I want to promote ways to protect our wonderful environment and coastline

I fully support Bude’s declaration of a climate emergency, led by Lib Dem councillors in Bude and at Cornwall Council. I will work hard to ensure Bude remains beautiful for future generations.

If elected, I will continue to work hard to support Bude.


  • Steve Haynes says:

    Unfortunately, Lorraine is new to the Lib Dem party (having campaigned against them during this summer’s by-election), so she may not be aware that the Bude-Stratton Climate Emergency was proposed by Independent Councillor Simon Browning and supported/campaigned for by local organisations such as Climate Action Bude. Lorraine may also not be aware that Cornwall Council’s own declaration of a Climate Emergency was through an amendment put down by Labour’s Jayne Kirkham.

  • Patricia Richens says:

    I am surprised at the claim that the declaration of a climate emergency was “led by LibDem Councillors in Bude and at Cornwall Council”. In January, Labour Councillor Jayne Kirkham, amended a weak LibDem proposal on climate change to make it much stronger by a) calling it a “Climate Emergency” and b) calling on Cornwall Council to be carbon neutral by 2030.
    When, on 21st January, I emailed one of the two Bude Cornwall Councillors, asking him to support this amendment, he stated in his reply:
    “I do believe this issue is too important to be political about.
    I opposed the original motion which was similar to the amendment
    I don’t think labelling things as emergencies makes a difference”
    (I was so taken aback, I’ve kept the email!)
    So not only did he oppose the amendment, he even opposed the original LibDem proposal!
    (The seconded of the amendment was not a LibDem either. Thankfully, the motion was passed despite opposition from LibDem Councillors.)

  • Steph Jones-Giles says:

    Lorraine will make a fabulous town councillor. She has a proven record of ‘getting things done’. Only residents in the Bude ward have a vote but do read all the candidates’ literature and vote if you are sent a polling card.

  • Peter La Broy says:

    Refreshing to see that Lorraine has published a very positive piece about who she is and what she wants to achieve. Read it and make your mind up – but I know that I would only be able to support a candidate that has a positive outlook, a proven track record and able to refrain from tribalism; never good and definitely not required in local politics where we need to work together for the good of our community.

  • Tom O’Sullivan says:

    Disingenuous Cllr La Broy. BSTC had a tradition of keeping party politics out of Council proceedings until your decision to stand as a Lib Dem in 2017 following your road to Damascus conversion from Toryism to liberalism shortly before those elections.
    If the Lib Dem candidate is as wonderful as you say, how come you & your party put so much effort in to defeating her only 6 months ago?

    • Peter La Broy says:

      Odd that you should ask this question again Tom, after I explained it to you in a public meeting of the town council last week. Just in case you didn’t understand last time; as I am a Libdem Cornwall Councillor, it is a legal requirement that I declare my party allegiance at Bude Stratton Town Council. I do my best to retain an independent outlook in debates and voting and cannot abide any form of tribalism in the town council which I believe should be a group of people working positively together for the good of Bude. Goodness know we have missed out on enough funding and regeneration opportunities because we historically haven’t worked together sufficiently. Now the town council is in a good place – and we are getting somewhere with being recognised at County Hall as deserving investment and care. This only happens by working together with the many community groups for the betterment of our area.

      • Could you share a link please to confirm this legal requirement. For the record in the STATEMENT AS TO PERSONS NOMINATED FOR BUDE-STRATTON TOWN COUNCIL – FLEXBURY AND POUGHILL WARD dated 5 April 2017 under ‘Description’ next to your name it says: Liberal Democrats. This was one month before you were elected to Cornwall Council.
        Lea Deely & Bob Willingham stood for Cornwall Council for the Conservative Party, for the Town Council elections neither of them entered their party allegiance under ‘Description’.

      • Peter La Broy says:

        **legal requirement that I declare my party allegiance** when writing this I thought it was correct to say it was a legal requirement. On reflection, I’m not absolutely sure it is. However, I think it is a very reasonable and proper moral position to take – and I believe that the political party I represent would require me to stand as a party member. I wouldn’t want or expect anyone to vote for me if they didn’t have full disclosure of my political allegiance and desire to serve our community at Cornwall Council as well as at Bude & Stratton Town Council. I’m not going to post anymore as I think the point of me writing in support of a candidate that has positive aims and aspirations for Bude has been sufficiently made.

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