Town Clerk moves on

On hearing some time ago that the Town Council’s Town Clerk and one other member of staff had left, I have now received a response to a few questions put to the Town Council pertaining to that, of a human relations nature.

In the reply kindly sent by Keith Cornwell, Acting Town Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer (RFO), it seems some of my queries are covered by the Freedom of Information Act S40(5) which gives the power to neither confirm or deny the questions asked. However, there was confirmation that the Town Clerk has indeed moved on.

Mr Cornwell says:


The Mayor, Cllr Bob Willingham has confirmed that Mrs Donna Bennett has left her role as Town Clerk after a successful period with the Town Council.  As such, the Town Council would like to thank her for her time with the Council and wishes her well in her future ventures.

Regarding the future, the Town Council has taken this opportunity to review its management arrangements and is trialling combining the Town Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) roles which will be fulfilled by myself. This arrangement will be evaluated over the six months to March 2019 and if found effective, will produce significant on-going savings to the staff budget.

 I can confirm that the Council holds an insurance policy though its Employment Law Services contract (see below). In the event of an Employment Tribunal Claim being submitted, a review would be undertaken by the insurers and a decision made as to whether a claim falls within the remit of the policy and to what extent cover is provided.

I can confirm that BSTC engages Stallard Kane Associates Ltd on a three year contract to provide Employment Law advice. The current annual fee for this contract is £1,800.

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