#Torridge – the New Recycling Service

2015-06-29 12.28.57Well, they’ve done it for Devon. Well done, Torridge Council!

So, Torridge Council successfully launched its new in-house recycling service last week, following the sudden and unexpected administration of its contractor a little over 2 weeks earlier. Within a short space of time a new fleet of vehicles has been acquired, local staff recruited and trained, and the rounds reorganised to optimise collection.

In the first week of operation over 142 tonnes of recycling was collected which was far in excess of the 75-90 tonnes normally collected at this time of year. Feedback form reprocessing has also indicated that the material is of a high quality with little contamination or unwanted product mixed in.

There were some minor teething problems with an increased volume of material to collect, changes to rounds and the late put-out of recyclables in some areas, but the Council initiated a follow-up collection plan to cover these instances. It is hoped that now customers are being reminded to put out their recycling by 7am on the day of collection, or the night before, that these instances will diminish.

Councillor James Morrish – Deputy Leader and Leader Member for Waste and Recycling said:

“I am extremely delighted that we have been able to address this situation so quickly and professionally. A 50% increase in what we would normally expect to collect clearly shows how the public have supported recycling by keeping their materials back until the service could be reinstated. This has saved many many tonnes simply going into landfill and we would sincerely like to thank everyone for cooperating in such a community minded way.”

unnamed-1Richard Haste – Waste and Recycling Service Manager said:

“The public have been great, and really supportive of all our efforts. We have also received many compliments for sorting things out so quickly and for the level of service that the new scheme is providing. I would also really like to thank our staff for all their hard work and extra effort which ensured the service resumption went as well as it did. Their extra commitment really made a difference in this first week.”

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