Torridge residents urged to register to vote

Every year all Councils update their Electoral Register and as part of this, every residential property in the Torridge District has been sent a Household Registration Form. Every household needs to reply every year in order to stay on the electoral register so that they can vote in future elections, even if there are no changes to record. The forms tell householders who currently appears on the electoral register at their address.

Over 82% of properties in the area have responded to the forms, but (18%) of properties have yet to respond.  Over the coming weeks, the 18% who have not yet responded will be visited by electoral canvassers to encourage them to confirm the details held for their property or make any necessary amendments on the form.

House to house calls will take place between 28 September and 12 November.  All canvassers will carry identification and may visit the properties during early evenings and at the weekends as well as during the day. Registering to vote gives you the opportunity to have a say on important issues that affect you. If you are not on the Electoral Register, you cannot vote. Registering to vote does not mean you have to vote, it just means you can if you want to. If you are not on the Electoral Register it may also affect your credit rating, which may lead to difficulty when applying for mortgages, credit cards or even a mobile phone contract.

Residents can either hand the completed form to the canvasser, return the form in the post to the Council, respond online, or respond by telephone.  Residents responding online or by phone do not need to send the form back to the Council Offices.

Councillor Robin Julian – Lead Member for Democratic Support said:

“The new electoral register will be published on 1 December 2018. To make sure you’re on it people need to respond to the forms that are being sent out even if they’ve provided this information in previous years. Although we have had a very good response rate so far we would like to encourage the few remaining households to get in touch. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form and being on the register can also help in other areas such as applications for credit that have now become a standard part of modern life”

For more information contact the electoral services team on 01237 428739 or

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