Torridge residents urged to look for the red envelope

On 4th June Torridge District Council are introducing changes to their waste and recycling collections and over the coming weeks residents will receive a red bordered envelope in their post which will explain the service changes and will contain a calendar for their property so they are aware of any changes to their collection dates.

Two new recycling containers are currently being delivered to all households: a separate large green food caddy (for all raw and cooked food waste) and a black box for glass bottles and jars. These two new containers will be collected weekly alongside the other recycling containers (green box for plastics, green bag for paper, and brown bag for cardboard).

At the same time black bag collections (for domestic waste for landfill) will move to fortnightly collections, and the Council are introducing a small charge (£35 per year) for those residents who wish to have their garden waste collected in green wheelie bins once every two weeks.

Councillor Mervyn Langmead – Lead Member for Waste and Recycling said: “The Council is implementing a range of measures on 4th June designed to improve the Council’s recycling rates and reduce the amount of plastics and other materials ending up in landfill. Torridge are the last Council in Devon and one of the last Councils in the UK to move away from weekly domestic waste collections and we have made this change in order to encourage residents to recycle more and to ensure that we can achieve the Government’s minimum target for all Councils to recycle 50% of their domestic waste. We hope residents will take up this opportunity to make full use of our enhanced recycling services to help us achieve these targets and to help us protect our lovely local environment.”

Residents are reminded that free collections of garden waste cease on 4th June. Those residents who have yet to sign-up to pay for the new garden waste collection service can do so on-line ( or by calling 01237 428700 and selecting option 3.



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