Today’s Student Strike – by a Budehaven student

This letter was previously sent to Pirate FM, by Mac Spooner, Budehaven Year 11:


At Budehaven Community School, we are having a protest, much like the rest of the UK, to discuss an ongoing issue of climate change.

“On behalf of the students, I am trying to give them a voice to issues that is, as the Millennial Generation, have to deal with and try to fix. The use of single use plastics, the melting polar caps and global warming.

“The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is bigger than Europe, all of this plastic having been made in the last 50 or 60 years. Sadly this has caused many fish to suffocate due to them mistaking this plastic for food. If the fish do survive, they could be eaten by another animal or possibly even by us, therefore we are eating plastic.

budehaven community school climate protest
A playground wall at Budehaven Community School has been chalked in a protest about climate change

“The use of single use plastics is a serious problem that we have to try and face. Too many schools use single use plastics, only leading to global warming and the change in our climate, such as melting ice caps.

“Within our lifetime, the melting of the ice caps could cause island to be completely swallowed, such as the Maldives. This is a beautiful place, that we should let future generations explore.

“Should we really let our future swim in a sea of plastic?? Letting our children suffocate, like we suffocate our planet.

“We chalked a playground wall to try and display our message, we need a voice.”


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