Today’s Budget – the railway

There is some additional news for Cornwall in the form of the Okehampton – Exeter line, which has been mentioned in today’s budget.


2.132 Investments in local railways and stations – This Budget will unlock more than £40 million of funding to reinstate passenger services on the Okehampton – Exeter line, subject to final approval of costs and contracts. These investments will provide good quality transport links between communities, and improve employment opportunities across these areas.

Scott Mann MP said:


“The reopening of a second line to support Cornwall has been a pledge of mine since my first election so I am very pleased that this project has been formalised (subject to final approval) in the budget. The Devon MPs and Council have been instrumental in delivering on the Okehampton line, but I would also like to highlight the efforts of the campaign groups Oke Rail, and Connect Bude, who I have worked closely with over the past six years.

“A second major rail line will have a hugely beneficial effect on North Cornwall not just in terms of economy and connectivity, but also resilience. I look forward to seeing the project move forward and I will continue to give it my full support.”

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