Today – Bude Past & Present Launch

Turning on of the Bude water supply by Gen. Redvers Buller, May 1903

Today is the launch of our new website, Bude Past & Present.  

This is a collaborative, 3 person team effort, to preserve Bude/Stratton heritage on the web.

We hope to incorporate historic photos, reminiscences, and  interview people with stories to tell (some of this may be audio). So, hopefully, the community will get involved and send in their stories/pix. No matter how boring you think it is, your oral history brings photos to life.

So, did you use the old skating rink, attend the old cinema, or the old school at what is now the Parkhouse? Do you remember previous shops/associations? It doesn’t have to be that old to be history! Come on, get involved in this amazing heritage project.

Although it will start off gently as a work in progress, our aim is to have an evolving site, with images and material free to view to anyone interested in our locality, plus later on, possibly higher quality images downloadable for a fee (this is to pay for the cost of the images) if that is an option.

Meanwhile, if anyone wishes to be interviewed, we can also set that up, too, in the near future. Raring to go…because history doesn’t wait forever.

Today’s the day!




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