This morning’s #BlackLivesMatter event at Summerleaze

I thought I’d share with you these photos of this morning’s #BlackLivesMatter event at Summerleaze.

I’m pleased to report that everyone’s issues about crowding and litter were unfounded, and think we can indeed praise the organisers for a well-planned and successful event.

Despite a good turnout, the event was, as planned, to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement which was originally set up in 2013, after the death of  17 year old African-American student, Trayvon Martin, in Florida. He was shot dead.

The movement is nothing new, but it is once again in the news for the very worst of reasons, the recent death of George Floyd. So little has changed.

Photo courtesy of Alastair Scarlett Photography


Despite persistent rain on a grey Thursday morning, over a hundred people gathered on Summerleaze Beach to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

All attending “took a knee” for 9 minutes, the length of time the arresting officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck in Minneapolis.

The event was peaceful, socially distanced (many also wore masks) and litter-free, as expected.

Thanks to Ian Saltern for the photographs


One of the organisers, Hannah, said on Facebook: Thank you SO MUCH all you amazing people for showing up and showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter. It was so heartening to see the peaceful support (in grotty weather), lack of litter and safe social distancing.

Thanks to our brilliant local police force for supporting us too. We couldn’t believe how many of you showed up.

Thank you for making it a very moving and powerful event.

So brilliant to see what a wonderful community Bude and its surrounding areas is.

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