There’s an issue at the beaches

There were two fatalities reported and one serious injury at the Cornish coastline yesterday. There were undoubtedly numerous other incidents we will not hear about because, fortunately, they did not result in death.

This is summer, usually. Now is different …
RNLI lifeguard sets up the flags on the beach. Credit-Nigel-Millard.jpg

At some beaches, volunteers and ex-lifeguards red-flagged the beaches.


One issue is no lifeguards, the other issue is no equipment even if people volunteer to put themselves at risks to save others.


On Twitter, CARVE surfing magazine said yesterday:

Just recovered and gave in water CPR to an unconscious surfer. No lifeguard back up, no oxygen. Lots of ex lifeguards to help but no equipment to save lives. 

In another Tweet, they say:

We don’t judge those that need advice or make mistakes, we just act to save lives.


What is the answer?



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