Theft followed by a random act of kindness in Stratton

When All the Ps who provide beautiful home grown produce from their stall in Stratton posted on their facebook page, this message, they had a totally unexpected response.

Over the last few weeks, we have suffered from people who are not very honest and we have lost an estimated £200+ of goods (mainly cut flowers). This week we witnessed someone taking an armful of them, go to the honesty box and make a show of putting in money etc, what they didn’t realise was that we had just emptied the box and because we didn’t want that amount sitting in the box we opened it again …to find £2!!! There has been no BACS payment from this person either.

As you can imagine this has left us feeling very low. The money we take here helps fund our rent, and deposit for the van which will give Allan (who has motor neurone disease) back a quality of life that he hasn’t had since April. 

Please don’t steal from us. If you are genuinely in need message me or knock on the door we will find you food.

The amazing response they had was this:


Kim wrote: Lyz, Allan and I are sat here with tears streaming down our faces we cannot believe how grateful we are to have found this note along with £200 in cash. Whoever you are thank you, we didn’t put yesterday’s post on for this but in the hope that the person would read it and stop. To say we are humbled by your generosity is an understatement @RandomactofKindnessBude 


There is good among the cynicism. Kim works so very hard and is lovely with it, so thanks to whoever donated the money.

For more info about All the Ps, check our previous article.


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