The West Country Plea – a poem for our times

A poem for our times, by Sue Hilsdon:

THe West Country Plea


Gratefully, we walked the lanes
Hoping not to have to explain
We haven’t shared our bugs around
We’ve kept to ourselves, we’ve gone to ground.

However other selfish eejits
Have ignored the government edicts
#StayHomeStaySafe, is the plea
Not flock in parks and go to the sea!

Keep your bugs and viral motes
Within your homes and castle moats
We don’t want to share your bugs
We’d sooner wait for family hugs.

Despatch the virus, send on its way
Rather than friends and family.
The people that we know and cherish
We really rather not see them perish.

The NHS needs to have a break
Too many people, too much heartache.
#StayHomeStaySafe or we we’ll all endure
A life including martial law.

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