The Wednesday Wave – combatting loneliness

From the Vamos Theatre Co:

The Wednesday Wave is a national and international campaign to combat loneliness amongst care home residents and anyone who feels isolated during the current pandemic launched by the Vamos Theatre Company. The initiative, which will run every Wednesday from 14th October until 16th December 2020, aims to connect people through the simple act of waving.

More than half a million vulnerable people are unable to leave their homes due to coronavirus. It’s having a huge impact on mental and physical health and those still isolating must not be forgotten.

Anyone who feels isolated or in need of contact, can put The Wednesday Wave poster in their window, letting the community know that they are inviting a wave. Anyone who would like to wave, whether on the way home from school, on a break from work or on a daily walk, needs to just identify somewhere with a poster displayed, and from 3pm on Wednesdays, let the waving begin!

The idea for The Wednesday Wave was born out of How Hard is Waving?, our successful Culture in Quarantine commission for the BBC, a series of short films made in isolation during lockdown. How Hard is Waving? tells the story of a family trying to keep connected in lockdown, and was itself inspired by the true story of Artistic Director Rachael Savage’s personal ‘wave’ with a local care home resident.

Rachael comments, “The impact that a friendly wave can have on loneliness is huge. We want this campaign to be felt nationally and internationally, helping to make sure that those who are most at risk are not forgotten.”

Download the poster here.

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