The vote result for Nanny Moore’s Bridge

It’s a smallish sample, and a bit of fun, but the votes cast are in for Nanny Moore’s Bridge.

In total, we were able to count 158 votes.

The first survey was via Survey Monkey but there is a limit of 100 counted responses for the free version we used. Of those 100 votes, 76 (76%) opted for blue, 15 (15%) for black, 8% for green and 1 (1%) for other.

Of the 58 Google survey replies, 35 (60.3%) opted for blue, 11 (19%) opted for black, 7 (12.1%) for green and 5 (8.6%) for other.




Blue = 111 votes (70%) rounded down

Black = 26 votes (16.5%)

Green = 15 votes (9.5%)

Other = 6 votes  (4%) rounded up


So, the winner is BLUE.

Our local historian, Ray Boyd, who has provided most of the nostalgic images for this website, says:

This seems to show the posts as I remember them from the 1950s – green, with white tops. These matched the ones that ran along the whole length of the Strand which, with their backing of tamarisk, were replaced by the current wall in the late 50s (I think the posts and tamarisk looked better). The wire which stretched between the posts along the Stand was reputed to have come from the wreck of the Bencoolen.

That does look quite smart!

I will advise the Town Council of the preferences from 158 people in Bude. Maybe they will wish to conduct a larger scale survey before going ahead with the paintwork. Comments on our website also opted for blue.

Happy to set up more fun surveys if anyone has anything they want a view on in and around Bude!


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