The tunnel and taxi Trev hit the tabloids …

I’m not a huge tabloid reader but they have been on the ball so far as the Bude tunnel goes. The Mail calls it Britain’s unlikeliest tourist destination, while The Mirror also hails its Christmassy makeover! It’s also made The London Economic.

The papers spoke to Mr ‘Big Up Bude’ himself, local taxi driver, Trev Plant, who is a part of the Light Up Bude team.

With or without its lights, the tunnel is welcomed by all in Bude as protection from the winds, rain and general elements which are very harsh around Sainsbury’s.

It’s amazing to see the tunnel become a celebrity, so much so it has its own Twitter account with (so far) 4582 followers.  There must be more to come, but the Christmas grotto effect will be a hard act to follow!

Images by Salty Seagull Art.

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