The thorny issue of the re-opening of Cornwall

Business Cornwall raised the thorny issue of tourism opening up again in Cornwall in early July (as is yet to be confirmed but has been suggested).  We await Government guidance, expected today, to know exactly what is possible, and will share it when we have it. Be great to stop speculating and know what we are all working with.

St Piran Flag, Cornwall

St Piran Flag, Cornwall

The points raised are pretty clear:

“Cornwall Council economy portfolio holder, Tim Dwelly, fears that a big influx of visitors would bring a significant risk of a second spike of coronavirus to the Duchy.” Suggestions are made that the Cornish holiday trade has an extended furlough to 2021.

On the other side, the Cornish economy is fragile, so delaying re-opening will lead to job losses and business failures.

Here’s a few examples of what people said on our Facebook page:

Mandy: I don’t live in Cornwall I live in Dorset but we visit Bude regularly. This is an awful decision to have to make and probably wouldn’t be as daunting if the general public could be sensible. Unfortunately, as scenes here in Dorset a few weeks ago proved, this isn’t the case 😔 We are already seeing an influx of people here and heaven knows what it will be like once the flood gates have been opened by our Government. People will come to our beautiful counties, they have been despite lockdown anyway; I think we will all have to just accept this and try to stay as safe as we possibly can. Lots of small businesses here aren’t reopening and it is heartbreaking to see.
I wish you all well down there in my favourite part of the country and hope that your businesses survive this dreadful time. We respectfully stay away for now but look forward to being able to return.

Michelle: The R number down here is the highest now it stand at 0.8-1.1. We are not in a recession, we are now in a depression. It’s all going to be down to immunity … who knows what the right thing to do is? The economy needs to be restarted but people are irresponsible & stupid!

Trev warns: If it doesn’t then they will be saying goodbye to many small businesses. I for one certainly won’t survive another month.

Yvonne: Would that exclude families visiting? Think if we don’t open, maybe with restrictions, there might not be anything to open next year.

Ben:  I can’t wait to get back to Cornwall. Just hope my favourite small businesses are still there when I return.

Adam: A tricky question, personally for the good of the Cornish economy I’d say yes. We are all on the same island, the virus doesn’t favour geography.


Overall, it seems that most are cautiously in favour of the re-opening of Cornish tourism, but with obvious reservations.



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