The Rustic Tea Garden to continue

The whole of Bude mourned when Margaret Frost, the Queen of Bude, passed away in recent months. The turnout for her funeral was immense.

The question people felt they wanted to ask but shouldn’t or couldn’t, was whether the Rustic Cafe would continue. Well, at the end of last week, Margaret’s daughter Michele announced that Sharon Hicks is taking on Margaret’s tea garden. It will be open from Easter. Great news for lovers of a Bude cream tea in wonderful surroundings, and a great place to reminisce about the lovely Margaret. The best of Lucky to Sharon for her new venture.

Beach visitors will be thrilled that the tea garden will continue the wonderful tradition of Margaret’s rustic tea garden.

Here’s the lovely painting by local artist, Lynne Holehouse, just to remind you what Bude has to look forward to.


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